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Trying Some New Things is… Unreal

We are back at it again with the updates. WooHoo!

Today is October 26th and I have some spooky, not really, development updates for y’all.

Project Waste My Time:

So for this project we have some great news! I’m now building it in Unreal Engine 4.27. This project is now a music focused game with a currently un-determined game loop. Unreal’s blueprint & C++ infrastructure is very interesting and is drawing me in. I am very curious about Unreal’s blueprint integration works with music and how this can be an interaction basis with a player. So, why not take this project as opportunity to develop new skills and solve new problems. GitHub Repository Coming Soon.

Primary Struggles:

1: Thus far, my main struggle is environment development and level design within Unreal, It is very similar to Unity but with my limited Unreal experience, I need to work on my understanding of Unreal’s lighting.

2: Additionally, I have very little experience with C++


1: I have been using Unreal’s learning program to jump into the basics of the engine for Game Development. This has been very helpful.

2: Learning new languages is a super fun part of being in this field. I’m having a good time. I will post in future blogs if this optimism becomes.. less founded.


Some medium and some larger updates for this game, I have implemented a new user interface for game prompts in the form of monitors displaying information to the player in game. This will greatly reduce the amount of floating text the player will interact with. The goal here will be to make information display for the player as seamless and as clean as possible. This is mostly cosmetic.

Building on cosmetic updates, I am composing / have composed some music for the background to replace what is currently in the jukebox in game. I am replacing the music as the old music was made kinda scruffily in VCV Rack. This new track was made in Garage band, and I feel as though it flows better. I’ve embedded the new song below.

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