Donovan Montoya

Game Developer | MR/XR/VR Experience Designer | Software Engineer

About Me

Making impactful experiences is my passion. I’ve been coding and programing tools since age eleven. I am a recent college graduate and software developer creating experiences that are useful, meaningful, and impactful. My main interests are game development and working with up-and-coming technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and thought-provoking games.

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Jack The Beaver [S.P.E.D. AR Learning Tool]

Unity, C#, MRTK, Android Studio, XCode, Maya

Barista Simulator [VR]

Unity 3D/Virtual Reality, C#, XR ToolKit, OVR, Maya, Garageband

NASA Suits: A.R.S.I.S [AR]

Unity, C#, Augmented Reality, Vuforia

Machine Learning Maze [3D]

Unity 3D, C#, Python, Maya

Boise Schools VR Bus Simulation [VR]

Unity 3D/Virtual Reality, C#, MRTK, XR ToolKit, OVR

Angry Boi – Flash Shooter [2D]

Adobe Animate, ActionScript 3


Contact Me

For any and all inquiries, please contact me here!