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Introduction and Prologue

Hello all!

Today I will begin a bit of a.. uh. well. A blog. I think being able to post progress updates, milestones, and goals will help me get more projects rolling. Context is, I’m a busy guy and I need to get more stuff made and out there because that’s what I want to do and it’s what needs to get done.


This project has been on the back burner for the summer. A metric diaper full of burnout from finishing my junior semester. I have done some minor improvements to overall gameplay but the current issue is making the game more visually understandable. (Gotta make the game more fun to look at.) Might be able to post game video progress update soon.

Project.. um, waste my time?:

I’ve been experimenting with a 3D 3rd person game that I want to be a pickup puzzle game. Mostly making this to get my head out of VR for a bit and get to, well, waste my time.

Thanks for checking in. you get a cookie.


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